The importance of grammar

“Best true consists education yourself getting”.

To understand the previous sentence, you need to know the lexicon used. Although, lacking the minimum grammatical rules, its meaning is very difficult to guess.

“True education consists getting best yourself.”

On this occasion, we can guess its meaning because we are able to recognize the order of words; that is, they follow the recognized order of the sentence in English. The sentence has the structure of “Subject + Verb + Object” (SVO). And it is this minimal grammar rule, which helps us understand the meaning of the sentence. Remember that other languages ​​follow other conventions (SOV, VSO, VOS, OVS, OSV), (Hawkins, J. A. 1983).

From the above example, we can infer that we can build a sentence with sufficient knowledge of the lexicon used and minimal notions of grammar. Now, in order to facilitate understanding and to express more complex meanings, we need a much greater grammatical knowledge.

“True education consists of getting the best of yourself.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Finally, applying the appropriate grammatical rules, we manage to create a perfectly understandable and easy to recognize meaning.

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